Which HP Toner is Best for Office Use in Bangladesh

Which HP Toner is Best for Office Use in Bangladesh

How do you know which printer cartridge is best for you? HP has been manufacturing laser printers for more than 30 years and sells dozens of various printer cartridges for the home and workplace. To help you make a wise purchase while looking for a new laser printer, we will talk about which HP toner is best for office use in Bangladesh.

HP Toners in Bangladesh

HP Toners are your way to go in regular office use in Bangladesh.

In their sealed packaging, HP toner cartridges can last up to two years. It might be worthwhile to test even after the fact because you might still be able to use the cartridge after two years. A “low cartridge” notification will be displayed on your printer when a particular cartridge needs to be changed. It’s possible that you won’t need to swap out the cartridge immediately away. Rock the cartridge back and forth a few times over a trash can to see if you can extend the life of the toner. In most cases, this primes the cartridge for a few more prints and redistributes the toner powder. Toner cartridges don’t dry out like ink cartridges since toner powder is made of plastic ingredients.

A toner cartridge is included with a new HP laser printer. Almost all modern printers come with a starting cartridge. You shouldn’t be shocked if you need to buy a replacement cartridge very quickly because this is stocked with less toner powder than a regular yield cartridge. The starter cartridge should still provide a respectable number of prints, but the regular yield and high yield versions will yield more!

For several well-known HP toner cartridges, refill kits are available online, but we do not advise refilling your toner cartridges. The refill process might be messy because you’re working with plastic toner powder, and for most users, it’s just not worth the hassle.

Best HP Toners for office use

HP Toner 76A original Laserjet

  • Model : HP 76A LaserJet Black
  • Toner #CF276A
  • HP LaserJet Pro M404 & HP LaserJet Pro M428 Printer series Compatible
  • Printing Technology  Laser
  • Printing Color  Black
  • Duty Cycle up to (Yield)  3,000 pages

HP 80A Black Toner Cartridge

HP 201A Cyan Original Laserjet toner

  • Model: HP 201A Cyan
  • MPN: CF401A
  • Model : HP 201A
  • Color(s)  supplies Cyan
  • Print technology Laser
  • Page yield : 1400 pages

How to install an HP Toner

How to install an HP Toner

Although the process for installing an HP toner cartridge varies significantly depending on the printer, the fundamentals are the same regardless of the device you own. For detailed instructions for your printer, refer to the specifications page of your printer on HP.com or your printer’s manual. The majority of brand-new HP toner cartridges come with an installation-required protective clip. Some also come with sealing tape that needs to be taken off. Your toner cartridge won’t work in your printer if neither of these components is taken out.

  • Remove the orange safety clip that surrounds the cartridge before installing it. When removed, this clip can be recycled while still protecting the cartridge during transportation.
  • To evenly spread the toner powder inside the cartridge, gently shake it back and forth a few times over a garbage can. Your printer’s cartridge is primed by doing this!
  • Holding the cartridge in one hand, pull on the tab protruding from the cartridge’s side to remove the sealing tape. Make sure to take off the whole piece of tape.
  • To reach the cartridge installation location, lift up the printer’s front cover.
  • To begin printing, place the toner cartridge into the printer and close the front cover.

Type of HP Toners in Bangladesh

For both monochrome and color laser printers, HP sells toner cartridges. The majority of printers offer an extra high yield version of the cartridge in addition to the normal yield and high yield sizes. Whichever size you choose, the cartridge will install in your printer in the same manner. The only difference in yields is the amount of toner inside the cartridge; otherwise, the physical size of the cartridge remains same. You receive more toner and print more pages the better the yield is!

The normal yield version of a cartridge series for HP toner cartridges has a part number ending in “A,” while the high yield version has a part number ending in “X.” For instance, the HP 87A and HP 87X ink cartridge types each have a page yield of 9,800 and 18,000 respectively. Extra high yield part numbers have a “Y” at the end, such as the HP 976Y series. You should spend a little bit more money on a high yield or extra high yield cartridge if you print regularly. Higher yield cartridges typically cost less to print overall and require less frequent replacement than their normal yield counterparts.

For homes and offices that only need to print text, monochrome or black toner cartridges work well. A single HP black toner cartridge is used by monochrome laser printers. Monochrome printers are much less expensive to operate and maintain than color laser printers because there is only one cartridge to replace. The HP 12A/X, HP 85A/X, and HP 87A/X are a few of the most well-known HP monochrome toners.

Four distinct cartridges, available in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, are used by color laser printers. If only your cyan cartridge is low on ink, you simply need to replace that one color because each color can be replaced as needed. A color laser printer is a fantastic choice if you frequently print business reports or presentations in color. It can be costly to replace color toner cartridges, and you’ll probably spend as much (or more!) on four new cartridges as you did on the printer.

Final words

Offices and businesses need an efficient toner cartridge for all the printing work. So choosing the best hp toner for office uses in Bangladesh can go a long way and maximize the work done in your office. So now that you know which HP toner is best for office use in Bangladesh, you can buy those from Ray IT any time. Our services will be the most satisfactory you will ever get.

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