Top 5 affordable HP computer price in Bangladesh in 2022

Top 5 affordable HP computer price in Bangladesh in 2022

A quality desktop in 2022 is a must if you prefer to write, read, game, or work in different locations of your house or business. There are a lot of possibilities, but you may cut down your choices by looking at laptops from the most well-known and renowned manufacturers first. HP hasn’t always had the finest laptop reputation, but the recent HP laptops have grabbed design elements from their rivals and lifted the standard considerably. HP is one of the best and most economical top brands in this scenario. It offers most HP consumers the more extraordinary performance and storage capacity they’ve come to expect. It includes a compact and adaptable design and simple extension options. As a result, it can adjust to your changing needs. As well as the HP computer price in Bangladesh is much more cost-effective from then.

Which series is affordable for HP computer price in Bangladesh?

In the queue of HP computer brands, the ProDesk series is one to choose for our affordable desktops list segment. HP ProDesk models are a good choice for any developing business on a budget that needs a desktop for basic operations. The ProDesk series, although being the most cost-effective of the PCs. The HP ProDesk Desktop series offers a way to combine processing power with the company and consumer capabilities. HP’s famed consistency is built into a wide range of devices to fulfill all needs. They are available in a number of sizes and configurations, ranging from small devices and micro towers for small spaces to large, all-in-one systems with all of the capabilities. They are extremely helpful in both professional and personal settings. Pro Desk model provides both creativity and power. It might be time-consuming and frustrating to find the ideal desktop for a professional or personal setting. HP’s ProDesk series has a wide range of choices, making it a strong and adaptable solution. HP’s commercial desktop PCs from its ProDesk ranges have been updated. But, not all updated models are on our list. Because the updated models’ price is higher than your budget, but some are included in it.
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Here’s an overview of the top 5 affordable HP computer price in Bangladesh for 2022.

The HP ProDesk 600 as well as 400 are competitive desktop PC. It has flexible functionality that can expand your business. It is beautifully designed, durable, and protected. And, it is built to match the contemporary office now and in the future.

HP Computer Price In Bangladesh
Prodesk 600 G5

The ProDesk 600 G5 Micro Tower is a newer model that has the potential to endure a long period. If you want to get more performance out of it, you may keep upgrading it as it gets older. It is also compatible with HP convertible displays, such as the HP Monitor V22 and Mini-in-One, thanks to its single-cable connection, which is so simple to manage.
If you want a system with the most upgradeability, the HP ProDesk 600 G5 Micro tower is a fantastic choice. The majority of devices in this category include four PCIe slots, several drive bays, and improved cooling. Core i5 and core i7 9th generation Intel core processors are available in it. In this model, the Intel UHD Graphics 630 card which is optimized to enhance the graphic aspects of the computer. In Bangladesh, the current price of the HP ProDesk 600 G5 MT Core i5 9th Gen Brand PC is 50,000/on our website. Check the link to get an affordable HP computer price in Bangladesh. You may purchase the HP desktop computers Brand PC from our website at the lowest price.
HP Desktop Computer
Prodesk 600 G4

Among the Hp model, The ProDesk 600 G4 Micro tower PC is one of the cheapest. The 8th Generation Intel Core technology is supported in it.
On this variant, there are four RAM slots. This should be plenty for most people, especially those who need a lot of RAM. Using external devices gets tricky if you haven’t enough USB ports. But, this model has a total of 11 USB ports.
If the available M.2 slots support the PCIe/NVMe interface, it’s ideal. A 400 Watt power supply is included with this desktop. Above all, the features could make this model adequate for personal or business purposes. As a result, it must be included in our list of budget desktops. In Bangladesh, the current price of ProDesk 600 G4 mt Corei7 8th generation is 58,800./in our website.
HP Computer price in Bangladesh
Prodesk 400 G7

The ProDesk 400 G7 MT PC is the latest model in this lineup. The processors in this model include Intel core i3 10th gen, core i5 10th gen, and corei7 10th gen. Three bays and three slots are available on the HP ProDesk 400 MT, including storage and WLAN M.2 slots, as well as adjustable ports to meet your peripheral demands. Intel® OptaneTM memory H10, SSD storage, and up to 64GB of DDR4 memory are all included.
If you want additional space or wish to update, this is the right approach for you. Overall, the features make this model suitable for personal and professional use. In a sense, it has to be on our list of low-cost desktops. Because of the processors’ range, the current prices in BD for this model are different. This affordable hp computer price in Bangladesh is 40,500 taka if you want the best deals to look out our website. 

HP Computer Price in Bangladesh

The ProDesk 400 G6 MT PC is also the recent model in this lineup. The processors in this model include Intel core i5 9th gen and corei7 9th gen. This model has two RAM slots, which should be sufficient for the majority of users. For routine work and light gaming, 8GB of RAM is recommended. 16GB or more is the way to go for anything else. However, the HP ProDesk 400 G6 MT core i5 9th gen or Hp ProDesk 400 G6 MT core i7 9th gen can only accommodate 64 GB of RAM.
The HP ProDesk 400 G6 Mt has a total of 8 USB ports. However, more USB ports are always preferable. Unfortunately, this model lacks a USB 3.1 connector. You will need a different model if you need a faster connection for your peripherals.
A SATA slot is found on the system board and is used to connect HDDs, SSD, and optical disk drives. There is a 310 SATA slot on it. The M.2 interface will be 5 times quicker and will offer additional benefits. Fortunately, the HP ProDesk 400 G6 Microtower includes it, and your SSD will transmit data quickly. HP computer price in Bangladesh is 42,000 Tk. far less expensive than in other countries. You may obtain the best microtower business pc or personal PC deals here.
HP Computer Price in Bangladesh
Prodesk 400 G5

This lineup’s most affordable model is the ProDesk 400 G5 MT PC. Intel Core i3 and Core i7 8th generation CPUs are used in this model.
A 500GB 7200 rpm SATA III hard drive comes included with it for long-term file storage. There are four USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A connectors and four USB 2.0 Type-A ports if you wish to connect with external storage devices or other accessories.
The integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 chipset produces a crisp, clean image and supports a broad range of displays via its DisplayPort 1.2 and VGA ports.
The Conexant CX20632 codec produces high-definition audio and provides more quality than typical audio controllers, whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game.
The HP Desktop Prodesk 400 G5 Micro tower is designed to fit into current workspaces and offers a powerful system with flexible performance that can expand with your organization. This model of HP computer price in Bangladesh is relatively budget-friendly from others. The price is 34,500 Taka, by the way, the price varies on the processor capability.

To sum up this session of HP Computer price in Bangladesh

HP desktop computer is more affordable with upgraded features in it. So, we can make it more reasonable if you buy from our website.  The HP all-in-one computer is a next-generation personal computer that saves space while incorporating all of the functions of a laptop or notebook onto a desktop computer. For more information about the HP all-in-one PC, see our Ray IT Gadgets BD website. These PCs will always wow you with their eye-catching elegant design and speedier processing, whether it’s for business or pleasure. So purchase your HP all-in-one PC with a smart warranty from Ray IT Gadgets BD.

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