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Best Computer, Laptop, PC Componants and Accessories distributor in Bangladesh

Nowadays, tech products have designed our lifestyle. We cannot live a single moment without them. In Bangladesh, there is hardly a home available without any technology device. With the vision of making your life comfortable, Ray IT started its journey. Ray IT is committed to you by providing the most authentic product in your hand.

With the satisfaction of thousands of customers, Ray IT is now a certified authorized tech device distributor in BD.

Best Laptop Shop in BD

For laptops, Ray IT is the first choice of the users. Whatever laptop you want whether it is a gaming laptop or Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7, Ray IT is promised to provide you with the most authentic one you need. Ray IT always prioritize customers’ demand and choice. For this reason, we always bring the latest models of every brand in our stock. We have the largest collections of world-class laptop brands such as HP, Dell, Asus, etc.

Best Desktop PC Shop in Bangladesh

For an office or any workshops, a good desktop PC is a must-have item for the workers. An office cannot run without a desktop PC. An IT firm or organization needs a good Desktop PC for high-performance work. Ray IT’s mission is to provide the most authentic and intact Desktop PC doesn’t matter what model you need. Ray IT will provide you with the authentic and newest Intel PC, AMD PC, or custom PC featuring your needs.

If you are a gamer or freelancer, you can get an authentic gaming PC from Ray IT or you can increase the productivity of your PC by customizing it from our expert team. Our excellent service made us the most reliable Desktop PC shop in Bangladesh.

Best PC Component & Accessories Shop in Bangladesh

Ray IT also provides you with related accessories with your PC. On the other hand, if you need any component or part for recovering your PC, Ray IT also provides you with the most authentic one of it.

These are some extensive items available in our stock to make your PC well furnished; Headphones of multiple brands and types, motherboard, CPU, Graphics Card, SSD, RAM, Casing, Cooler, HDD, Power Supply, Keyboard, Mouse, Motherboard, Mouse Pad, Webcam, RGB Lighting, etc. 

You can get the full set with your PC while purchasing. On the other hand, the best thing about our service is you can customize the components on your PC before purchasing.

For any PC enthusiasts, Ray IT is the best device shop where they get a bunch of tech devices.

What We Sell at Ray IT Gadgets?

Ray IT has exclusive collections of authentic tech devices. We have variations in products to make our customer’s purchasing easy and comfortable. Here is the list of our collections:

HP Laptop

We have different collections of HP laptops according to model, configuration, and price range. For people who are comfortable with intel laptops, we have multiple collections of Intel core i3, core i5 and core i7 HP laptops in our stock. For AMD lovers we have multiple collections of HP AMD laptops. We also have many budget-friendly options of HP laptops under 40,000bdt. For the premium lovers, we also have HP premium collections such as the Envy series.

HP Gaming Laptops

For gamers, we have authentic and highest-built quality HP gaming laptops. The price range of our HP gaming laptop is 70,000bdt to 2,00,000bdt.

HP Brand PC

HP PC is one of the best choices for a tech enthusiast. For high demand, we have stocked the largest collections of HP brand PC in Ray IT. We don’t take any extra payments. We always try to keep the price of HP PC as less as possible so that all the customers can reach out for their desired PC.

Dell Laptop

Dell laptop is one of the best-selling laptops from Ray IT. We have multiple collections of Dell laptops thinking about your requirements, budget, and choice. We have Intel, Ryzen, Dell Inspiron, Dell Laptop Vostro, Dell Latitude, and many other premium and regular user-friendly Dell laptops in our stock.

Dell Brand PC

Like Dell laptops, we have sold thousands of Dell brand PC and we have huge customer demand for Dell brand PC. For this reason, Ray IT has brought multiple collections of Dell PC according to the users so that all the customer can get their desired authentic Dell PC from us.

Premium Laptop

Thinking about the demand of luxury lovers, Ray IT has huge collections of multiple brands premium range laptops. Ray IT gives you the surety of the originality of an expensive laptop. The price range of premium laptop in Ray IT is 1,00,000bdt to 2,00,000bdt.


Ray IT has also PC-related accessories to make your purchase easy. These are some accessories we have in our stock. Printer, Toner, Mouse, Mouse Pad, Headphone, USB, Webcam, External Harddisk Drive, SSD, RGM lighting, etc.

Used Laptop

Ray IT also has a facility for the people who are looking for a used laptop from a trustworthy laptop shop. We have reconditioned laptops in our stock with the minimum price range. We collect the used laptop from our customers and furnish them for 2nd-time users. Ray IT has all user-friendly brand’s used laptops in stock.

Why Choose Ray IT Gadgets?

Ray IT is one of the most reliable gadget shops in Bangladesh. Our huge customer platform has made us achieve the top position in the tech market BD.

Here we’re explaining to you to choose us when you are thinking about purchasing tech devices:

We have an updated website with every product detail to make your decision-making easy. You can visit our website and see the products before purchasing. You don’t need to roam outside to see the collections.

We also work on pre-orders. We can deliver your desired tech devices available in the market within 15-30 working days on pre-order.

We have the safest and most secure online delivery system. You can pre-order from us through the website or call easily. Our delivery company will provide you cash on delivery without any hazard.

Our online delivery packaging system is travel friendly. So, you can take cash on home delivery anywhere in BD.

Our online delivery packaging system is travel friendly. So, you can take cash on home delivery anywhere in BD.

We have 15 days exchange policy in case of any company issues and defects. You can inform us right after seeing any internal defect.

We have an expert team for giving you a practical user guide. After purchasing you can call our hotline to get any device-related consultation.

Some basic company services and the surety of authentication have made Ray IT the most trustable tech device distributor in BD. Team Ray IT is welcoming you to visit our showroom and website and get the best tech shopping experience ever.